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This section is for test and example cases for GSSHA. There are two primary types of cases: 10x10 simulations that demonstrate specific functionality and full simluations that come from real projects. The 10x10 case should demonstrate how to set up specific features of GSSHA and will also be used for testing the latest release version. These simulations will be updated as features change and new features are added. The full simulations will be tied to a specific release; all full projects added to this site should include the GSSHA executable (and any associated libraries) so that the project can be run independantly in the future.

If you are running a LINUX version of GSSHA, run dos2unix on ALL the files in the folder before trying to run GSSHA.

10x10 Simulations

  • Sediment - 1 grain size
  • Sediment - 3 grain sizes
  • Sediment - 5 grain sizes

Project Simulations

  • Goodwin Creek