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Once a working hydrology/hydraulics model has been calibrated and verified, sediment transport can be added to the model. Overland sediment transport parameters are derived from the soil-texture/land-use index maps. Users should consult the manual and sediment transport textbooks (such as Yang, 1996) to learn about using Yang’s method (Yang, 1973) to assign appropriate parameters for the in-stream sediment routing. As with the hydrology/hydraulics portion of the code, the sediment model should also be calibrated and verified to observed data.

GSSHA User's Manual

16 Building a Model
16.1     Delineating the Watershed
16.2     Selecting a Grid Size
16.3     Overland Flow Routing
16.4     Infiltration
16.5     Channel Routing
16.6     Single Event Calibration
16.7     Long-term Simulations
16.8     Saturated Groundwater Modeling
16.9     Calibration and Verification
16.10    Sediment Transport
16.11    Contaminant Transport