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GSSHA simulations require a project file that contains command line instructions or “cards” which pass options to GSSHA for a particular simulation. The name of the project file is given at run time as a command line argument for GSSHA. The following section presents all project file cards followed by a brief description of each. The project file consists of a single card on each line, followed by its argument, if any. While some cards require no argument, others require values, character strings, file names, table names, or map names. Tables are files that contain ASCII input data in a tabular format. A map name is simply the name of a floating point GRASS ASCII file that contains raster data. An index map refers to a similar file that contains integers indexed to tabular values. Throughout the manual, project card names will be presented in BOLD CAPITAL letters; arguments appear as CAPITAL ITALICS.

The project file cards may appear in the project file in any order, except the first card must be GSSHAPROJECT. Extraneous or misspelled cards are ignored. A card may be commented out by preceding the card with a pound sign (hash mark) “#”. When using the Mapping Table to assign parameter values for any process, the MAPPING_TABLE card is used. For project cards related to input parameters the units, if any, of the input argument are presented. For optional inputs, the default value, if any, is also presented.

GSSHA User's Manual

3 Project File
3.1     Required Inputs
3.2     Mapping Table – Optional
3.3     Overland Flow – Required
3.4     Interception – Optional
3.5     Rainfall Input and Options – Required
3.6     Infiltration – Optional
3.7     Channel Routing – Optional
3.8     Continuous Simulations – Optional
3.9     Saturated Groundwater Flow – Optional
3.10     Soil Erosion – Optional
3.11     Constituent Transport – Optional
3.12     Subsurface Drainage Network – Optional
3.13     Output Files – Required