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When using the Mapping Table to assign any of the distributed parameters the Mapping Table card must be included.

Card Argument Description
MAPPING_TABLE  "filename.cmt"
filename Input ASCII file that assigns grid-based parameter values based on grid index maps.
ST_MAPPING_TABLE  "filename.smt"
filename Input ASCII file that assigns link/node parameter values based on stream index maps.

GSSHA User's Manual

3 Project File
3.1     Required Inputs
3.2     Mapping Table – Optional
3.3     Overland Flow – Required
3.4     Interception – Optional
3.5     Rainfall Input and Options – Required
3.6     Infiltration – Optional
3.7     Channel Routing – Optional
3.8     Continuous Simulations – Optional
3.9     Saturated Groundwater Flow – Optional
3.10     Soil Erosion – Optional
3.11     Constituent Transport – Optional
3.12     Subsurface Drainage Network – Optional
3.13     Output Files – Required