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The following table lists all required project file card, which must be present in a project file. In addition to these cards, a method of assigning rainfall and overland roughness values must also be selected from the choices below.

Card Argument Description
none This card must appear first in the project file
real The size of the square model grid cells (m) (cells will be GRIDSIZExGRIDSIZE.
ROWS  ##
integer Number of rows in each raster map.
COLS  ##
integer Number of columns in each raster map.
integer Total duration of the event simulation in minutes. Not required if LONG_TERM is specified.
real Overall model time step (s).
real Slope of the cell containing the watershed outlet.
Must be positive. Not required if DIFFUSIVE_WAVE is specified.
integer The raster row where the catchment outlet is located. Not required if DIFFUSIVE_WAVE is specified.
integer The raster column where the catchment outlet is located. Not required if DIFFUSIVE_WAVE is specified.
map name Name of GRASS ASCII map containing watershed elevations (m).
WATERSHED_MASK "filename.msk"
map name Name of GRASS ASCII map containing the watershed shape. Cells marked with 1 lie inside the watershed, while cells marked with a 0 lie outside. Must be the first card after GSSHAPROJECT when using GSSHATM with WMS.
integer Time (minutes) that points are written to the output hydrograph file(s).
SUMMARY  "filename.sum"
file name Output file summarizing information on options selected, inputs read, simulation results, mass conservation, and warnings generated during the simulation.
OUTLET_HYDRO  "filename.otl"
file name Output file containing time series discharge at the catchment outlet. (m3 s-1 default or, ft3 s-1 if QOUT_CFS card specified)

GSSHA User's Manual

3 Project File
3.1     Required Inputs
3.2     Mapping Table – Optional
3.3     Overland Flow – Required
3.4     Interception – Optional
3.5     Rainfall Input and Options – Required
3.6     Infiltration – Optional
3.7     Channel Routing – Optional
3.8     Continuous Simulations – Optional
3.9     Saturated Groundwater Flow – Optional
3.10     Soil Erosion – Optional
3.11     Constituent Transport – Optional
3.12     Subsurface Drainage Network – Optional
3.13     Output Files – Required