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The value of Kgw (cm/hr) may be specified as a constant value with the GW_UNIF_HYCOND or a map of spatially distributed values specified with the GW_HYCOND_MAP card. The porosity of the groundwater media below the specified unsaturated zone can be a uniform value, specified with the GW_UNIF_POROSITY card, or can be distributed by specifying a map of spatially distributed values using the GW_POROSITY_MAP. If neither uniform or distributed values of these parameters are specified with the above cards, the values will be set to the those of the last soil layer of the soils in the unsaturated zone specified in the SOIL_TABLE_INPUT_FILE or Mapping Table files. When GAR is used to provide estimates of recharge, only hydrualic conductivity need be specified, as the storage is computed using the GAR infiltration parameters.

GSSHA User's Manual

8 Groundwater
8.1     General
8.2     Formulation
8.3     Solution
8.4     Assignment of Parameter Values
8.5     Boundary Conditions
8.6     Coupling of the Saturated Zone Model with the Richards’ Equation Model of the Unsaturated Zone
8.7     Coupling of the Saturated Zone Model to the GA Type Infiltration Models