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SUMMARY file name Output file written during and after a simulation containing information on options selected, inputs read, mass conservation, and warnings generated during the simulation. REQUIRED
HYD_FREQ integer The frequency at which hydrograph ordinates are written, in time steps. REQUIRED.
OUTLET_HYDRO file name Output file containing the outflow at the catchment outlet. REQUIRED

Table 21 – Required output cards

The outlet hydrograph file has no header, and contains two columns of real values. The first column contains the time in minutes since the beginning of the simulation for event simulations, the time in decimal years for continuous simulations, or the strict Julian date if the STRICT_JULIAN_DATE card is used in the project file. The second column contains the discharge, m3s-1 default, or ft3s-1 if the QOUT_CFS project card is present.

GSSHA User's Manual

14 Output
14.1     Required Flags and Files
14.2     Run Summary File
14.3     Optional Flags
14.4     Time Series Data at Internal Locations
14.5     WMS Hydrograph File
14.6     Time Series Maps