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Unlike many of the other distributed parameters assigned to each cell, distributed groundwater modeling parameters are not assigned using the mapping tables and index maps. All distributed parameters for the groundwater model are assigned with the Continuous Maps... dialog, selected in the GSSHA menu. The values for the continuous maps may be imported as GRASS or Arc/Info gridded data, may be assigned a constant value, may be assigned from an index map, or may be manually entered using the spreadsheet in the Continuous Maps dialog box.

To import any required data, select Import, toggle on the gridded data type, GRASS ASCII grid file or Arc/Info grid file, and then select the name of the file to be imported. To assign values using an index map, select Index Map -> Array, and select the name of the index map you wish to use. The Reclassify Options may then be used to assign all the necessary groundwater parameters from the assigned Index map or maps. The Constant -> Array option may also be used to assign a uniform value of any parameter. Finally, any and all of the values of parameters may be entered or edited manually in the spreadsheet. The distributed parameters that must be entered are:

  • Aquifer bottom – elevation of the aquifer bottom (m).
  • Water table – initial values of groundwater elevation (m).
  • GW hydraulic conductivity – value of horizontal hydraulic conductivity in the saturated zone (cm hr-1).
  • GW porosity – value of porosity of the saturated media, fraction of voids (m3/m3).

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