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Senarath et al. (2000) demonstrated that the CASC2D model could be effectively parameratized by use of an automated calibration procedure, such as the shuffled complex evolution (SCE) method (Duan et al., 1992). Output that allows optimizations based on event peak discharge and event discharge volume can be produced by using the OPTIMIZE card. This card specifies a file that contains the peak discharge and discharge volume for each event in the rainfall file. Peak discharge (cms) and volume (m3) are written for the outlet and also at any locations in the stream network specified in the IN_HYD_LOCATION file. The last line contains the total outlet discharge volume for the entire simulation. The output format is:

Event # Peak at outlet Discharge volume at outlet Peak at first stream gage Discharge volume at first stream gage Peak at next stream gage Discharge volume at next stream gage

GSSHA User's Manual

4 General
4.1     Units
4.2     Grid Size
4.3     Total Event Simulation Time
4.4     Coordinate System
4.5     Map Headers
4.6     Watershed Mask
4.7     Elevation Map
4.8     Optimizations