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With few exceptions the units used for input and output in GSSHA are in SI units. Units for particular processes are consistent with those found in the literature. For instance, hydraulic conductivity is specified in units of cm/h, while rainfall rates are specified in mm/h. The particular units expected of each input are given in the project file card descriptions. The discharge hydrograph may be output in cfs by specifying the QOUT_CFS flag.

Furthermore, the model was developed based on the Universal Tranverse Mecator (UTM) coordinate system, as described in Section 4.4.

GSSHA User's Manual

4 General
4.1     Units
4.2     Grid Size
4.3     Total Event Simulation Time
4.4     Coordinate System
4.5     Map Headers
4.6     Watershed Mask
4.7     Elevation Map
4.8     Optimizations