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This project file card is used to specify the total GSSHA event simulation time in minutes. If the volume of water remaining on the surface at the end of the simulation is greater than 5% of the rainfall volume, the total simulation time is too short to capture the entire runoff hydrograph, and a warning is printed in the run summary (SUMMARY card) file. The TOT_TIME card is ignored for continuous simulations. For continuous simulations the end of an event is the time at which the outflow discharge falls below the discharge specified by the EVENT_MIN_Q project file card. For continuous events the EVENT_MIN_Q is used only for accounting purposes, except for the last event when it is also used to stop the simulation. For some simulations the EVENT_MIN_Q value may never be reached. In that case the user should specify the END_TIME card. The END_TIME card can be used to stop any long term simulation at any desired point. The simulation may end before the specified END_TIME if conditions dictating the end of the simulation are encountered before the specified END_TIME.

GSSHA User's Manual

4 General
4.1     Units
4.2     Grid Size
4.3     Total Event Simulation Time
4.4     Coordinate System
4.5     Map Headers
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4.8     Optimizations