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A channel water surface depth (not stage) may be specified at the outlet of the model. To specifiy the outlet water surface depth, you must include the card:


in the project file and then one of the two following cards

BOUND_DEPTH  [value] 
BOUND_TS  "time series name" 

The BOUND_DEPTH card will set a constant head, while the BOUND_TS card will specify a time series of depths to use. For BOUND_TS the "time series name" should appear in the TIME_SERIES_FILE file. The format for all time series is the same. To have the files read correctly put the TIME_SERIES_FILE card before the BOUND_TS card. Multiple TIME_SERIES_FILE cards may be used. See Chapter 17 of the manual for more information on the TIME_SERIES_FILE and required format.

GSSHA User's Manual

5 Surface Water Routing
5.1     Channel Routing
5.2     Overland Flow Routing
5.3     Channel Boundary Conditions
5.4     Overland Boundary Conditions
5.5     Embankments
5.6     Overland/Channel Interaction
5.7     Introducing Discharge/Constituent Hydrographs
5.8     Overland Routing with Snow
5.9     Overland Routing with BMPs